Software I Pay For

Software I Pay For

As I've gotten older, I've found myself more willing to find and pay for software that provides value to me. Recently I decided to revisit some pieces of software I current pay for and share my thoughts.


I've never really been a to-do app person, but JIRA is just so damn awful I've started to use Todoist to track what I need to do at work. Its a simple, clean, and cross platform to-do app.

Price: Free or $36/year

Standard Notes

I've used most of the big note-taking apps and I've finally landed on one I've really found to stick. I tend to store some sensitive-ish stuff in a lot of notes and I really like Standard Note's encryption first approach. All the useful extensions are a nice added bonus as well.

Price: Free or $149/5 years


When LastPass started become really bloated and slow, I wanted something that ran natively. A password manager is pretty much a must to stay secure in this day and age.

Price: $36/yr


I need to access stuff in S3 on a daily basis. Previously I was using Cyberduck to accomplish this but eventually got tired of its slow ui. Transmit is super fast, reliable, and a total joy to use compared to Cyberduck.

Price: $45


By far the best personal backup software I've used. Just install and forget about it. Backblaze does the rest. I've had to restore a computer multiple times and its always a flawless process. Highly recommended.

Price: $60/yr

Office 365

I wouldn't say Office is a piece of software I want to buy, but when you need it, you really need it. At least you get 5 licenses with the yearly fee so my wife is able to use it as well.

Price: $99/yr


Many years ago back when Google Checkout was a thing, my account got randomly closed down on without any explanation and no way to reverse it. (Google actually suggested to me to just create a new one). After that experience, I tend to not trust Google for free stuff, especially with something as important as email. Gmail is by far the best experience (imo) when it comes to email and the other features of Gsuite are a nice bonus.

Price: $6/mo


I've been using this piece of software ever since my first Macbook Pro in 2009. Simple shortcut program to resize and arrange windows on OSX.

Price: $13.99